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Sometimes I speak the truth broken down in tiny little pieces of poetry.
Sometimes, I speak the truth bluntly, painfully, glad to shatter or please.

But I'll never lie, not to you or to myself.

Or at least, I promise I'll try.


Hi, my name is Yans.
I'm 20, female, a gamer, and no, I don't look like I could have been born with my ass on my face nor am I overweight.

I'm a pissy Puerto Rican, I partake in hobbies such as drawing, web design, graphic design, writing, Role Playing, and Playing Video Games. I also enjoy cooking and martial arts. I think the hobbies I partake in most, though, are social drinking and Video Games.

I've been to a million schools and know a million things.

English is NOT my first language. I'm from Puerto Rico, yet I live in California and have lived here for two years now.

I hate people. I DETEST people in fact. This includes myself. I have a love/hate relationship with myself and I love/hate every moment of it.

I will INSULT you and make you CRY if you piss me off.
But I'm actually and outwardly a friendly and easy going person, at least most of the time.

I don't make friends easy, I don't feel like making friends easy because people are twisted and disgusting and only mediocrily HUMANE. Oh I also make up words to suit me.

I might be a bitch, but I promise it's with the best intentions. I don't like to be fake, and I'm tired of pleasing everyone and their mom only to get walked over and hurt. I won't lie to you so I don't expect you to lie to me. And because people seem to be incapable of honesty, I tend to assume everyone is an asshole till proven otherwise.

I play Halo better than any girl I know and better than at least 90% of the guys I've ever met and/or played with in my life. I probably know more about video games, graphic design, and literature than you do, so don't even bother trying to pretend I don't know my share of shit or you'll be heftily and readily told to fuck off and possibly beaten to a bloody pulp.

Here's my Gamer Tag: B3h3li7xXxQue3n

This journal is friends only, but feel free to try for an invite. I'm usually easy going when it comes to people who want to read my rants, so don't worry, I don't bite on the first date.

I play D&D like an addiction, I even have a Diary for my character:

Feel free to read and add that one. It's just for entertainment anyways.